When In Doubt

In my heart I believe
A wonderful something is about to happen
My life I love
My own powers I believe
And my own potontial
My own innate goodness
Every morning I wake
In awe of being alive
Everyday is magnificent
In the world it's awesome beauty
In my life I explore and embrace
Each new day in everyone I see
I find my own specialness breach within
I arouse those around me and amaze myself.

Of each new day to the potenial
To admit Im not afraid
Less then perfect I am
The essence of my hunanity is this
I will let those who love me help me
I will be able totrust enough
To the horizon of today, I look with hope
We truly have only today
This day I will live well
I will let the sun in as well as out
My own rainbows I will create
To all possibilities I will be open
Miracles and possibleilities. To all

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