The Little Girl Dressed In Red

Rose Garden

There was a little girl
Dressed in red
She loved to go to church and sing
She always wanted to be dressed
In her silk and satin dresses
With patticoats all a float
Always had ribbons in her hair
With her best shoes on
White ones or black with bows
Her hair was long and curly
She had banana curls
Big blue eyes
Skin so soft
She was a beautiful girl
Never a problem
Got along well with others
But she always loved her red dress
She felt so special
When she couldnt wear it
She would pick out another dress
Each dress she had
Had red in it.
She dearly loved red
She loved to dance
and play
Sometimes she would play for hours on end
Always with a red dress on
Or one that had red in it
She was playing one day
When a little boy came out to play
He asked her why she always had to wear
A red dress or one with red in it
She told him because I love red
Then he said but you would be
Pretty in any color
She said maybe so
But I do love my red
To this day she still wears red,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a true story. I was the little girl. I still love my red and wear it.

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