Not So Long Ago

Long ago it was not
Someone like me you thought you would never meet
Thinking you was in control, you was wrong
You would never believe I could fall.

All your life you never thought I would
Make a heart so cold melt
The past hardened your heart
By shields so vast, You was protected

You was falling slowly
You didn't know
To late you found out
You had to accept your fate, you had no choice

You suppose, you could dream
You could hope, forever
That's our destiny there will never be any "Us"
Reality you have to wake up

When you said you lied
You didn't love me
Your feelings for me
were through

You lied
You never wanted to
You lied because you love me
You still do

To hurt me you would not
But let me go you have to
No longer can you hold on
There's no forever for us

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