On the Floor

Ripped it out and tossed aside, no longer needed sence it died

pulsing cold and worthless stone, only left there to groan

Abandoned due to atrify, that which only brought pain to me

cold and worthless on the floor, I need a heart no more.

Why keep what you can do without, discard it without doubt

leave it for some one to trounce, on the ground barely an ounce

Why would I keep that which is dead, i need no heart with my head

let some bird carry it away, i would never need it after this day

Just please leave it on the floor, to let a kid kick some more

on the floor is where it belongs, away from all the love songs

No need for it its empty weight, begone from this date

much less pain indeed without, so fill free to grind it to grout.

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