Requiem II

Shall I do it before tomorrow

Take knife to heart and make it hallow

End of joy and of sorrow

Burried deep benieth the earth

Take knife to heart and end it all

In Summer's grace and not cold Fall

To make insission deep but small

And bring the end that comes at birth

Dawn or dusk of palest light

Pain or sorrow or joy's blite

Bring it down to set all right

Salty stings upon my face

Nude and stripped, gagged and bound

Dangling three feet from the ground

With not a friend or soul around

Without dignity or grace

Layling cold upon the floor

With no lock at the door

Dieing breath the walls ador

A final sorry in my blood

Please do not blame some one

It is only what need be done

I am sorry it was fun

But in the end, I am just a dud.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I talk about it but I could never really do it ... I always fail at everything it seems.

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