Life of Masks (3) (The Angelic Goth)

Once again with face anew, something stirring starts to brew

Without meaning or his will, a new mask comes and tries to fill

That emptiness and stone cold heart, that once before he had fought

To thaw and love with other mask, to pour out feeling from the flask

Keep the embers once lit there, but refroze with winter’s care

It grew and flew and he let it soar, even higher than before

So welcomed the false embrace, that so very well hid his face

He gave it life and even more, he let it dream and himself snore

He once swore no more false faces, in different times at different places

His past still hung and haunted him, came back at times with it’s own whim

New pain inside swelled to the top, but too late it was to stop

Best still lie and help those he could, the pain his own as it should

Best he only hurt himself this time, and never let them know his crime

The truth can set you free they say, but what of the pain it brings that way

To those he helped and listened well, their trust and secretes did they tell

To him they thought they knew as friend, things he’ll keep until his end

~The Demonic Angel

This truth shall never see the light, to keep this lie only right

Lock the pain deep down inside, behind this mask his face does hide

Each mask a life he does give, and every one he will let live

The role he plays of fool and king, in each one some truth doth ring

He puts the little he has left to each, to fortify and withstand breach

The armor worn to hide what’s real, through the life of masks he’ll feel

Even though he knows it’s wrong, with the lie he will go on

The pain will be to him alone, no where else will it take home

All the seeds will sow within, making his will grow thin

The cat in him continues, each mask that brakes one life it loses

Act one or two or is this three, soon the curtain fall there’ll be

Guilt and heartache evermore, each new mask just like before

How much can one mind take, before the man will break

An evil smile cross the lip, some day the truth he’ll slip

The devil’s darkness lays within, as does a child free of sin

Nothing is as pure or cruel, than the mind of a child in devil’s rule

~Damned to Paradise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

things change, only masks stay the same.

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