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Look into my eyes and know there are worse things than those in hell.

Know that there are being beyond good and evil right and wrong.

Gaze into the depths of a mirror and look through what looks back.

See those things darker than hell with in every person. Look, look.

An evil so pure as it defies and defines hell as a starting point.

Holiness so bright that even angels shield their eyes for it's radiance

Hate, pure hate. Greed lust loathing want desire hate. Pure untainted hate.

Darker than the vacume of space. That dessolate void of nothingness.

Colder than the eye of a snake about to strike. Ready to take life.

Love, joyas unbriddled unconditional love, free and brilliant blinding.

Rejoycing purity and salvation love, warmer than the fires of the sun.

More nurturing than ambosia, the food of gods.

Yes, Yes above even both of these darker things lay.

Things that you can not fathom, creatures of soul perpose.

Cursed, Blessed. both and neither.

So focused are they and unbriddled the cruelest and most forgiving things there are.

Infanate potential. These being have. Though they are so short lived.

Hate become dislike, love become happyness... time dulls it all.

These sepreem beings loose all they have before they knew they did.

We all were once these beings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was inspired by a book i was reading at the time, but for the life of me i can't remember it.

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