Life of the dead heart Phoenix (ch7&8)

If what I think is true then this maybe ending soon. I do not know what I 'Feel' but I think that maybe I am... I cannot say yes but atleast I can nolonger say NO, and that is what counts is it not.

It is not where we succeed that counts it is where we do not fail, and right now, where I have failed in the past, I think I am failing nomore... As four become three now that they know the forth will still right but they see him in a new light. That light shall help them and that light shall help me. So begins the hard part...


I maybe crazy for wanting to feel, there are many out there who would wish they didn't... DON'T!.. it might come true. All my life I've been in a world that is full of feeling and all i could do is see touch taste hear and smell... That is not feeling. I saw no beauty in a rose no love for a mother... I was never cruel but the kindness I showed was faked, it had to be for if I said the truth then what kind of person would I be. You don't need to have a heart or to feel the world to know what is right and wrong... and that would be wrong to do.

I went to 'The Happiest Place On Earth' today... I saw a lot of people complaining... Ironic, here they are to have fun and they bring their worries and their problems with them... Ohh well, to reason what brings anothers madness on is to bring madness onto yourself. All good things come to those who wait and each person gets what he has destined for himself to get... We only have the illusion of choise, all things that will happen have already happened and just wait for us to reach them... so it's never IF it will happen it's how fast do we bring it into ourselves, or how fast can we

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