Its 2:07 and I feel as empty now as I did this time yesterday. Or the day before.

I have a problem with time, it slips away. It seems to be constantly chasing me

I tend to forget that it exists until it is right in from of me eating me whole.

I didn’t know that that was a possibility.

To be eaten alive by a concept.

But it is. I have felt it.

Laying in bed alone at night

The darkness creeping up around me along with all of my plan

I will never have time to do what I need.  I will never have time to be who I need to be

In a few short decades, nobody will remember me

These words that I write will be gone

These things that I have left behind will crumple and disappear.

Time is a scary creature. It is something that no one can control or grasp in their hands.

It is now 2:14 and I feel like years have passed in these short seven minutes

I have seen my life flash before my eyes

I have seen me grow old and die with the world burning around me.

This has all happened in the blink of an eye.

Seven short minutes and I have grown six years. How do I make this stop?

How do I grasp this beast and make it let me go.

It is now 2:17 and nothing has happened. These three minutes have gone slower than my 18 years on this earth.


Time is a wicked creature that will eat you alive if you’re not careful. 

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