I’ve been asleep for so long.

The sunlight burns my eyes.

I thought that when I was awoken it would all change.

The sky would be a little bluer, the grass greener.

But here I am, drowsy and rubbing the sleep from my eyes

My hair ruffled in your favorite way

Still wearing your shirt from so long ago.

The smell of you, of us, is long gone but I can still smell it so strongly.

It has been weeks, months, since you left me but I can sill remember the sting on your words

I am starting to heal.

I have found a new body to curl up against every night.

It took months of strangers passing through my bed to forget how you tasted

To forget the ways, you made my toes curl and my finger clinch on your back.

He is much more than you ever were.

He is not afraid to tell me how beautiful I am, or he loves me

But more importantly he is making me believe that I am beautiful and that I can be loved.

I have been asleep for far too long.

The sunlight burns my eyes and makes me wake up from my slumber.

I can hear his laugh in the next room and feel the warmth flood me instead of burn me alive.

I take off your shirt and throw it into the trash.

I braid my hair back, in his favorite way and smile


Knowing that I will be forgetting you and allowing him to fill me so full of his light. 

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