i'm drunk


i'm drunk. i'm drunk and i'm calling you. we've been here before. my head in your lap, the bass in your truck vibrating my body. my heart beats faster remembering the last time we were in this truck.

you're drunk. you're drunk and you called me. we've been here before. me rushing to save you from yourself, your head in my lap, i can feel your heavy breathing on my lap. my fist clench in anger remembering the last time we were in this truck.

i'm drunk and cant control myself when i bring it up. my mouth moving before my brain tells it to shut the fuck up. i see your face change, your whole body tenses up under my head. i sit up and try to retrace my steps of how i got here in this situation with you. my body tells me how much i miss you while my brain reminds me of the bruises and tears.

you're drunk. i know you are but when you open your mouth to tell me how bad i hurt you i still feel the flood of rage from that night. your face when my fist conected with the glass, the bruises that appeared on your arms, the look of disgust on your face the next day. you tell me you miss me and i cant help but explode.

i'm drunk so i dont scream when you crash into the tree.

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