The world today

Im strugling to find the words to discrib

The things I feel in my heart and my mind

Its weird how I feel so alone

when Im surrunded by people I know

Sometimes I think that they can't see me

But maybe thats the way its sapposed to be

they can't see me, untill I can be me

But in this world no ones free

We have to act like the stars on the TV

It pisses me off all those fake plastic girls

Everyone loves them and makes them their world

But the world doesn't revolve around the pretty or the rich

Its the people with brains that make up all this shit

That you use and abuse and take for granted

We should praise intellagince and wish that we had it

And noone has tact it seems this days

maybe its the music they all seem to play

It says do weed, drink and pop caps in some ass

If thats what U call life I dont think I should ask

How you look at urself and the people around you

Are they enemies or friends? Just look around you

You can be better I'm sure that you can

Its you that choices to be so bad.

So look at your life is this what you want?

If you said no I think its time to move on...

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