your last day

the night is black the days are cool

I feel as tho im swiming in a pool

of pain and sorrow. The current runs strong

it pulls me down for oh so long

i feel a sharp pain as my lungs burst for air

but as u know there's no air here

im so scard that this is the end

i had no idea, what happened to my friend

I pushed him away again and again

i guess he desided that this was the end

i dont know if he ever knew

all the things that i would do

to try and fix this mess i made

but now its done i've been sent away

and now you hate me i wont ask why

all i can do is cry out to the sky

maybe that someone up there will here

and take away these deep dispare

maybe he'll smight me like he once would

but this time for good only if he could

cuz i never wanted to hurt you, you see

hurting you is like hurting me

but you dont care you dont even listen

it hurts to see how much ur eyes glissen

when there full of tears that spreads the fear

and makes me wish i could disappear

maybe if u would have never met me

you wouldn't be going tho such agony

i feel your pain as if it were mine

but now i have to say its time

im not the only one thats done wrong

but i have to say its gone so wrong

so maybe we can learn from this mistake

and then we wouldn't have to fake

what we feel cuz it will be real

but not for us its just not ideal

we dont mix were not the same

i just hope that i can stay sain

as you leave my side

forever this time

and make me fear

that im not all here

you'll take a piece of me where ever you go

but it is your and its time to go

so this is my goodbye

i cry out to the sky

and blow one last kiss

to bless all of these

cuz it is over as you see

there's no way you can ever hurt me

cuz im over you

i swear thats true

so just walk away

todays ur last day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ya ya suck at spelling its really long hope u liked it tho

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