Chasing the Hunter

Prose & Poem

Oh Mother Earth I’m running 

Where have you gone?

Where is the green of our land?

Darkness has overtaken it. 

Where is the brotherhood

That Unupit has stolen? 

Where did he hide it 

Or maybe it’s just broken?


It started as it always starts, by the burning of desire, the insatiable hunger of some, and blind calmness of some others. “Not everyone is bad, not everyone of them is bad”, I remind myself again and again. It has started to feel like I’m just lying, but "why lying?" you may ask. I can only think it’s because I don’t want to accept the mistake I have done... or I have created, if one wants to be precise. Anyways, this world yearns for what it fears.


Run breathe run breathe

Never stop or you’ll be caught

What a great irony this is

To become that which you were not

Oh Mother Earth

I cannot stop running 

My paws feel like burning 

But stopping smells like death. 


I have heard the cries of my babies, the screams of my creatures death. The world I’ve created has turned into ashes, and it’s too late to try to save them. It seems like a war for survival has started. All my beings compete in strength and intelligence between each other. And there are no winners just one who seems to be fast food and another who keeps chasing his unattainable yearning.


But was it only me?

I believe there’s more

It was the fire that grew

Within all our souls.

A different kind of fire

That cannot be extinguished 

Not even if one is tired.

A fire that doesn’t give light

And only destroys life.


It was a matter of time for this to happen. The cycle most continue and repeat; that’s how I created life. It hurts, nonetheless, to see my dear ones in pain. The time is everything’s doom; nothing can be eternal. Some of them rushed and tried to take that which they thought theirs. Others ran filled with fear and terror, cowardly forgetting their origins, their values. The worst part is that they forgot about who made them, who gave them life. They forgot me… at least most of them...


Mother, here I lay

The last of all beings

All I did was obeying my desire.

Will you remember me

As what I used to be?

The coyote before Unupit,

Or will you remember me

As the life’s destroyer?


Words always spill on my glass, and the eight circle is ready for you, dividing you as you divided Earth. Grace be upon you and your kind, as you indeed will be remembered as the one who brought discord; as the hunter, the chaser.

Written with Clemente Miguel Yáñez Contreras 

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