Sadness, Sorrows


While the third world becomes the first
What are we doing?
Drinking and dancing, watching T.V,
And believing that we're still the only first world
We're still number one,
Still the only members of this planet that matter

And there's fluoride in the water
To stop tooth decay
But its main reason for being there
Is to numb your brain
So you can't feel the pain of plastic's BPA
So you can sing along to radio play all day
So you can place your bets and watch the big game

We've created screens to stream our lives' grandest illusions
So many fall prey to the biggest joke of our time,
And it's sad to watch a dying animal be so content with decaying,
And it's sad to watch the weakest of them go to sleep praying.

No kind of pacifistic singing about being number one
Can ever impress a god, and while claiming that god loves you
Who are you to speak for a god?
And do you expect us to believe that "he" speaks through you
When you can't tolerate the gay community?
When you can't accept public pornography?
When you think heaven for eternity will be granted for leading
A life full of hate, fear, and more noticeably regret

Forgiveness from your god is an insult, you see?
You should be the ones forgiven by people like me,
For I am tolerant of the so many subjects you and your god are not.
I am tolerant of the people you oppress.
I am the anti-purge, behaving politely.

Those force fed death before they begin to feel real
Are the up-and-coming money-makers and I wonder whether or not,
They've already been beaten by the terrors of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;
Whether or not this nation's last stand was ages ago;
And which rebellion will craft the most fashionable of monopolized cultures.

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