Bonafide Lover

If I let my thoughts run wild

They might tear apart the whole town

They might break the hearts of hundreds

They might plant seeds like a garden


Cuz it's too late to hang photos

Of the last girl that you slept with

She's picked another boyfriend

You've missed your chance again, man


It's alright to breathe

If you've gotta

You know you wanna


Just take it from me

I'm on oxygen

And the whole worlds spinnin


Cuz it's alright to breathe

In the sun light and

Out the night time


Just take it from me

I'm hyped up on life

Knock down a bad time


We're spinning in circles

Round a ball of fire

In the middle of nowhere

In this universe

We're driving cars

We're bombing towns

We're starting Wars

We're crying out for 


Change the way you're thinking

Do a good turn on the daily

Give a flower to your darlin

Help an old guy with his yard work


It's alright to breathe

Everyone is watching

Everyone's a waiting


Just take it from me

Everyone will applaud

Once you take the plunge


Cuz it's alright to breathe

The mustyness is the 

Smell of wisdom


Just take it from me

You'd really miss it

If you didn't 

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