2 Months

Every day goes slower than the last one 

Every fucking week goes slower than the last one

Panic, panic, panic, panic

I've lost everything now I'm panicking

No reset button now I'm panicking

My disillusionment has abandoned me now I'm panicking


Crystal clear, plain as day

I became a monster, I begged it to stay

I made unfair trades, disregarded her way

Made sure every piece of her heart, that could still love today

Was broken to nothing and I just kept on chugging


What a waste I was

And I still am one

I just lay down love

Like it's some kind of fun


I've become porcelain

Now she's seeing other men

I'm ready to crack

While they're both getting back

And he's staring her up and down

Who know's what she's thinking now

I'm trying to choke myself out

She's giving herself what she wants


My heads too clogged up to care

What I'm writing

Or how well it flows

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