For Everyone Else



Some people get old quick
Drug and drink binges leading to
Drunk falls with follow up stitches
All night dance-a-thons following fuck sessions
That lasted hours, but nowadays
People act like they're walking on egg shells
Rejecting modern traditions, living life for
This candy coated version of life they now adore..
How could they forget the raw feel of how they used to be
How could they say, "Well I'm over it?" And what's
How could they leave the ones in the dust
Who didn't follow, with whom they used to place their
Some people just get old quick
They're sweat glands dry up,
Two drinks and they're sick
A forming permanent furrowed brow
A paunch to match the sadness they ignore
They've grown so soft in more ways than one
Raising kids and cash in joint bank accounts, now
that's "fun".
Sure, this is life, gotta live it to the fullest
So get tied down, get a job, have some kids,
Buy a home, start investing, relax on vacations
Birthday parties, Christmas shopping, trying diets
Get a divorce, split the mortgage, drinking habits
Second marriage, one more kid, second divorce
Split it all up again.
And the bull shit goes on and on
Until they're in the ground


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