For Gram



February 10th.
My grandmother
Left the world a wonderful family
Of beautiful people
Who all truly love each other
Regardless of faults or mortality.


When we gathered to mourn her passing,
As I looked from face to face,
I could see it in their eyes:
The depth of seemingly infinite sadness was there
Yet blanketed with the thickest coat of love
Surrounded by the wrinkles in skin left from grieving


Each understood:
My grandmother's pain would soon cease to be and
She would be free to watch us all grow from above.
Watching us grow is one thing she loved, yet one thing she'd lost,
Taken by the pains of old age.


With hands clenched and thoughts loud,
We rejoiced for her relief
And sent her off with God's prayer, which we knew she could hear.
So much love filled the room with a warmth at that time
A perfect blanket of peace for her to curl up in, 
Our last gift goodbye.


As I leaned over and kissed her, to whisper my love
She gave back a memory from so long ago


As a child with no clue about life,
Happy, simple, innocent,
One day she told me that death was beautiful and
When the time came for her own funeral
I was to wear for her the brightest of colors!
Not to mourn, but to celebrate. She explained:


Appreciate a passing, as it should be a happy time
To remember the love that was shared by all,
And recall fond memories of smiles and warmth.


My Grandmother's final gift she gave to me,
That memory: the gift,
Was the best gift I could have ever hoped to receive
Her gift I share, as I'm sure she wouldn't mind


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