For Emily



Where have our dreams gone away to?
When did they start to fragment,
Finally dissolve and lose potency?
We don't really remember, so we really can't say.
We've lost how vivid they were and the meanings they'd convey
So we're doomed to live a life awake
We daydream much, but that only fuels our lust
To sieze the day instead of sleep at night.
We dream to clutch and stuff our pockets with the bitter honey
We're taught to love.
Consistantly stolen freedoms deemed inconsequent
Dreams insisted dangerous, so we need to forget
Whatever was, was what we've learned will never be;
So we've come to believe.


Imagine millions who can dream
Not of wealth, nor of power, but
Of love, of peace, and unity.
Imagine millions who believe
In the universal theory:
"Love is peace"
Imagine millions coming together
Each remembering dreams of love from their youth
Visions unclouded by greed and the need to posess.


It all doesn't seem so bad
To me. What do you think?


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