Time to Smoke a Cigarette



What's precious now is promising later
To still be there for you
To protect when you feel inconsequent
Or so you tell yourself.


Perfection is recyclable,
Different always at a given time;
The next prediction, on the horizon,
Standing in the shortest line.


Who gets to choose?
Who knows, not you.
Some guy in a suit
With a major in business.


Some dudes with time
On a polling website
Clicking buttons, the radio kind
Making choices, creating life


Picking fashions
Choosing jargon
Coining phrases
Mass produce some society
Your childrens lives penned and planned out
Years in advance
So on and so forth


The ultimate goal:
Manufacture a personality so divine
The following created lasts for years
Buys in, emulates, becomes, always


The ultimate goal:
Build a world with a single focus
Magnifying shit that doesn't matter
Buying in, emulating, becoming, for ever and ever


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