Summer 11

Late teens and suicidal
It doesn't phase us
It's just a phase we all go through
Fuck school, fuck life, fuck the way I look
Mirrors got me depressed, and you ask about the "good book"?
Forget my parents, fuck religion, question everything
Do drugs, think about dying constantly
Get wild on the weekends, rape a girl or two
When she's too drunk to move

I'm young and I'm wild

And it's not the medication
Or lack of education
Or all these drugs I'm taking
It's a phase, right?
So don't complain alright?
When I'm spitting on your car door
Or loitering round a liquor store
Or taking your daughter to parties
Getting her drunk, getting her fucked

My life's a war
Against what I've been told is normal
I pump up the volume in a library
Chew gum during a speech
Send sext messages in binary
Wear socks and sandals to the beach
I'm a fucked up kid
But it's just a phase
I'll grow out of it soon

Soon I'll find my place
In society, dad says to me, my anger's only temporary
Soon I'll forget what I'm fighting for and accept my place in the
Grand Scheme of Things

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