Insults and Injuries

Summer 11

When the music stops
I hope they do, too
These people..
Keep on when they're egged on
When they see an opportunity
Calling me a liability
As if I'm lying about my ability
To be decent in society.
I rock a tee
And some khaki jeans
Do you see what I mean?
I'm just like them
Most of the time
But when I'm the odd one out
They'll bite at my throat
And perform an old fashioned stoning
'Cept it's not rocks they're throwing
It's gossip
And it rocks the brains of people too dumb,
Too strained, to think logically
Yeah, it bothers me cause they just hop on
The bandwagon and keep laughing
These joke crafting sassy assholes that do anything for a giggle or two
Drive people to madness
It's life, happens right?
No it doesn't have to.

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