Spring 11

Remember making big mistakes with me?
Those seemingly correct decisions turned out to be
Not so worth your while.
As you think back, you smile,
You blink twice so you can see right, and
That familiar warm feeling rushes back to your lap.
Your cheeks flush and your grin spreads. Dimples.

We made the usual mistakes kids make
You realize that none of it was too out of hand and
As you think, you start to wonder, start to ponder, start to breathe
A little faster, as you remember exhilaration. You retrieve a
Curious notion, while you're looking at my picture you believe
That parting ways was a mistake, one of those more amiss you've made.

I pursue a life with no regrets
So what I've said I can't take back,
Or what I've done I wont retract.

Those mistakes I wear like armor now,
And I as well do too, think back.
My choices may have been unwise,
And our bodies may have been compromised.
Though we've learned so much, gained knowledge, got wise
Why would we retry?

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