Fair skinned, red dress

Spring 11

I desire an equal opportunity
Time to spend with you
Will you accept?
Or will you reject?

It doesn't matter

I'll find my way into your life
One way or another.

I want to share the oxygen you breathe.
Be it willingly or not,
Your wishes mean little to me.

Your words scare seconds into minutes,
And my stare brings chills to the airs that surround you.
One by one those minutes pass.
As you try to defend yourself with nothing but a shuffle
I attack with movement
Graceful and quick.
I'm there;
To see you,
To smell you,
To taste you.

Your lingering fear
I feed upon.
You sense the endangerment
Willingly spread.
The hairs standing...
The back of your neck...

I bite.
I chew.
I swallow.
I smile.

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