Walking Away from Responsibility, Regaining a Sense of Adventure

Spring 11

I don't have a heart of gold
I've never been anywhere near salvation
My life could be classified:
A mistake, full of misinformation

But I'm still here
I'm still real
I breathe deep
My hands, they feel

I don't know where my train lets off
Don't even know how I got a train ticket
Out the window I can see the lights flashing
Down below I can feel the tracks switching

My suitcase is full of stories
Bursting at the seams with a young man's ambition
With my eyes on the prize I head to a sunset
Burning desire leading me where I need to go

It's been hard
But I've been there
I've inhaled the air I've smelled in dreams
And I've drank the water from the puddles I've pissed in

But I live on
With integrity,
With intensity,
With a dream to pursue

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