hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Spring 11

Watch it go
Down, down, down
You never know
Exactly when
It bottoms out

Anxious stare
Wetted lips
A lonely hand
Reaches out
Fingernails tap

As you sit
Watch them go
Moral standards
Down, down, down
The house lights dim

Bottoms up
Just one more
One more round
She makes her move

Drumbeat hips
There they go
But will she glance?
One quick look...
It's time to dance

One more shot
Down, down, down
Inhale, exhale
While she waits
She waits for you

Some are slow
Others quick
The path revealed
Graceful steps
You find your mark

Sleeveless, tight
Panty line
Anxious heartbeat
Smiling wide
She's smiling back

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