crosarmellose sodium

Spring 11

With "leave dreams at home"
This city's got too much to say
And with a kick in the groin
The price? Too much to pay

So how the hell did I get here?
When will I be free?
When from this dream will I wake up?
What's the first thing I'll say?
When I've regained my consciousness
Will I just regret
The rise of my eyelids
Or the life I beget?

The words "home's just a stones throw away"
If I stay..
I'll regret the words used in this phrase
And they'd hate me
Every letter
From beginning to end

The foreign language I'm learning today,
The assumption I know not what they say,
Makes me hate me.
When they raised me
They said "be what you want."

So why the hell am I breathing?
Why can't I cut loose?
This puzzle piece has been used, abused, it's been bent.
I've been pushed down too long
With no place to belong
Only time will it take
Until I'm lost, until I'm gone.

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