Spring 11

When it comes down to it
The words she used for 'dumb' and 'stupid'
Weren't much more cold than how it felt in the morning.
Some thin dirty rag to cover up with.
One lonesome pillow to tell my dreams to.
Like a split between the prince and the pauper...
I've been feeling like this a little too often...

The morning comes and shares
Wicked words of wisdom.
Nature knows karma and says she'll be okay
So I nod towards the sky.

This morning: gray, overcast;
And this dwelling: with the air of a writer
Must stimulate me so..

Some two hours til noon
Four hours to kill
Three characters to play
A leading role to step out of

As I'm wide awake and it's mourning:
A sad poet sings songs,
A weary neighbor wakes up,
A relationship drones on,
And I write to the moon.

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