Summer Wonder

Spring 11

I'm sobering up now, the stars seem much brighter
My own two feet will me to stand alone on them
I extend my hands so that I'm closer to space

My mind teases my heart with vivid pictures of your face
As I'm alone in the clearing,
Spreading the blades of grass,
Standing tall among the trees,
Inhaling the smell of the summer night.
Between my fingers
blows softly
the night time breeze.

I'm alone
With the cicadas of summer nights
And the living giants, my friends the elms

As I stare to infinity
The twinkling lamps called the stars blink back at me
Like millions of eyes they watch curiosly
While I pour my heart out towards this nothingness

I'm alone
In a world full of living
Full of breathing
Full of feeling
Full of fully conscious beings
Who if you would ask would also be, too,
Alone in a world full of life

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