Two Friends

Spring 11

I see where you get it all now
All that pain and the suffering
Stolen from him
On a whim
Were left standing alone
Where's your voice?
I hear his in your words and your laugh

He said to me once
On a whim,
a slight side note he goes,
"Who'd abandon her baby to become some dumb drunk?"
a personal request a short time after
"Please don't repeat"

I see where he got it all now
All those lies, that deceit
Stolen from you
And he knew
When you left him at home
Where would he go?
Off on his own, to compete against you

You said to me once
On a whim,
a slight side note you say,
"I hope he fucks off and dies, what a waste of my time"
a personal request before and after
"Please don't repeat"

I remember a summer
When you both loved each other.
We all would take drugs, drink beer
And it's clear now to me
That those times you both won't repeat
For the fear of feeling like you two did before
Still lingers inside.

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