Blackening Lungs


I couldn't help myself
As my gaze lingered up her legs,
Around her snatch,
Dipped into her navel,
Ran over her breasts,
caressed her lips,
and sank into her eyes,
Comparing it all to you
And feeling guilty inside

That I'm fucking again with no feeling
While I'm thinking of you again
Wishing you were here instead
Digging nails into my skin and
Dragging them across my back and
Sucking the blood to the skin on my neck and
Pulling my hair and
Gripping my dick and
Moaning so slowly, so sweetly, so soft
Stimulating my senses ever more
Amazing me

Now after I pull out my cock,
I fall to the right and onto my back.
To the ceiling I stare,
Wipe my hair from my brow.
With heavy breathing slowing down
I realize that through selfish acts
To you I've brought disrespect.
As my heartbeat slows
And my heartache sets
I only wish you would take me back

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