The Worst Day of My Life

Summer 2010

This is the worst day of my life
I hope to God I didn't upset you
I woke up in a sweat
And I started remembering
What I did
Last night


Turned out you were a little more than upset
I found a note where
You spelled it out to me
I started to read
Then my eyes came to focus on,
"Leaving" and "Goodbye"


"It's important that you know,"
It read
"I'm leaving" and "You hurt me"
"I will not be coming back"
And at the bottom of the message
I could tell that tears had dried, "Oh man"
I said
I said


I secretly hoped it was a joke
That you'd be snuggled up inside my bedroom
But when I stumbled in and everything of yours
Was gone, I collapsed on the spot

And I said, "This is the worst day of my life"
I wish I had died cause this is harder
I knew what I did and I knew that I deserved this but you
Didn't deserve that


So now I'm alone without you
And these days there's no telling
I still havn't got a clue
If again I'll get to see you
If ever again your gaze will be on me

And if you'll grant an audience
I need to tell you this, "I'm Sorry"
"I'm sorry"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Set to "The First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes

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