Who Or What

Summer 2010


You sat examining space
Peering over the hedge
Carefully observing the pace
The whole world was moving


When I came to your house
The front gate was wide open and
The front door was unlocked
So I let myself in


Closed the door behind me
Gave my shoes to the collection
Showed respect to your ways
To the walls in that place


As i moved through the halls
Stirring dust with each step
From your order I begged
The sincerest forgiveness


When I came to the window where
You were framed in plain view
I could tell you were wondering
If they knew what you knew


Finding my way to of the space
Where your surroundings were sensed
You became aware of my being
Your skin tightened, your joints tensed


When quickly your eyes
Adjusted to meet mine
Loosely set you became
And you whispered my name


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