Who I Be

Half the time

I'm struttin' halftime stuff

During the other half

I'm working on getting built tough

Cuz' every second of my life I'm lookin' straight into a mirror

Trying hard to find the guy that I'm supposed to be

But I'm just not into me

And onlooking I am but I just cannot find

The person so many look up to

When they need to find the time to reflect on life

Sometimes I'm not the right

Person to take an immediate example from

My eyes are heavy

My wrists are numb

And my legs are weak

Sometimes it's hard to speak

Though when it's showtime as hollow as I feel

I still somehow hold my breath and do

What I think is right; with will, cunning and grace

I hold my head and pace myself

I count the seconds, then the minutes, add the time it takes

To see my reflection in the mirror

And I focus to see clear, the image painted inside

So many minds.

It's ridiculous I'm horrible

Why can't these people see the truth

That I'm a bastard, a liar, an all around asshole

A maniacal wretch, with no real reason to live at all

My performance wins awards and as I gladly accept them

I soon hope I'll neglect them

And my title will be stripped

And my ego will be clipped

And I'll be set down in my place

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