The New Guy on the Block

My best friend is slowly going crazy
She's losing her mind
While I'm sipping on a rum & coke
Behind dark sunglasses
My eyes are shot
And somewhere far away
My best friend is falling down into
The darkness


I have arrived to ruin your life
(And I'll do it, too)
I've been pretty successful so far
So what will soon follow wont be too much of a problem
The new guy on the block

My best friend calls me all the time
She tells me she's not okay
I pop a painkiller and ask her "what's up?"
Her stories of lust, anger, regret, jealousy and rage
Spark a slight interest as I encourage her to go on
Explaining her ventures of the previous night


This is just a reminder that after numerous attempts
To collect on your debt
Your bill is now overdue
And retribution will be exacted
By a swift and orderly
Yours always,
The new guy on the block


My best friend phones me,
Me tying a noose.
I answer only to hear the soft cries of a human who has truly lost all hope
And I can obviously tell that thoughts of self mutilation are stirring in her mind
I tell her to calm down,
As I balance on a chair,
I tell her that her life is truly something beautiful
And that it should go on for as long as it can,
As I tie the rope around the bar.
She starts to get angry and informs me that I just don't understand what she's going through,
As I slip the noose around my neck.
I sigh and tell her everything is going to be okay, just be strong,
And then I hang up the phone.

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