Nine shitty poems.

Well I wish I could be known

Not for the wrongs that I've done

But for the rights justified

That I've done in my life

No one has seen me kindly acting

Helping others find the path

Picking up where one left off

Solving problems and the math

They've only seen me being sleazy

Heard me speak the words out loud

While I was drowning on the inside

Acting right, righteous, and proud

When in the wrong I clearly was

These are the things that people see

The only things they talk about

Are the things that make you mean

There's no way up out of a hole

You didn't dig by yourself

Seemingly streaming voices speaking truth

Make you believe you need help

A city's wicked, gossips spreading

Just as far as you step

I might as well pack up and move

Why even bother look back

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