This is June

I need a

Delicatessen of anti depressants

And bottles and jewelry and ugly accessories

Wearing my jean jacket dont take me serious

Harness the power of unlawful functions

To get through

This day off from living and leaning and swaying

And praying and prying and trying and burning

I'm hoping for freedom from daily routine

Just to open my eyes and to not be suprised

Everything that I bring to the table

Gets knocked off when they pull out the cloth

From underneath, all my hopes and my dreams

Crash to the floor so I try no more

I wear a

Fake plastic smile a coat of denial

An unlucky shirt and a belt not in style

Some old crusty shoes and some pants always loose

and some socks that were used

When I ran twenty miles

Breaking a

Habit of binging and lynching my feelings

And cutting my hair just to match with the season

And thinking of reasons to try to fit in

In this world so deranged it's unlikely I'll win

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