Nothing to do With Me

April, Appeasing


Often we desire
Anything but the truth
To keep our minds open
And feeling fresh


But lately I've been hearing news
Of deception where it shouldn't be
It's really nothing new to me
But to others I know it is


In this modern day and age
We're thrilled by media adjustments
To mind and eyes
A favor to heart


Bending truths into lies
Is set standard
And to the back of our minds
Is accepted


Without a second thought the breaking news that day
Is made real and understood
Is stored and kept away
And life goes on
Because it tells us to


No need to look it up or look into the subject
The fact is there
Where you focus every day
Running across a ticker
At the bottom of your screen
Or on page thirteen
Of your weekly magazine


Deception's on a greater scale now
The lies are set worldwide
Because a higher power lays in wait
Of global genocide


Capitalising on youth and individuality
Is the main issue at point
Just like your job
Your boss' boss' is higher up
But who's higher than him?


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