Untitled -- 6.8.2009

This is June

Were you up the night I left?

Did you hear the syllables stressed?

I let the most beautiful girl of my life

Slip away.

She just slipped away,

So now I have to leave.

I have to leave today.

I probably shouldn't speak

Of the affair,

Or of the week

When you were gone and I relayed

That I was staying in those days.

The caffeine and the cigarettes.

I pressed my thoughts, brought on excess

Emotions. And the clarity

I realized when they peaked?

Made me think my situation over.

So if you were awake last night,

And heard me stumble and catch my breath

Then woke up and some minutes spent.

You knew that I'd come back to bed

So you dozed off lightly

And then I left.

The point is that I've never loved you,

Clearly I'm awake right now.

You'll find this note

Only after you ask the darkness

Where your lover is,

And realize that even you too

Can be traded for someone else.

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