Table Talk

jubilant january

Stop staring in my face

I seriously need you to get out of here

..But you're not here or there or anywhere..

You're everywhere.

Maybe i need to get out of here.

Whether or not I'm there,

Or where I ought not to be,

You're here..

All the time and it pisses me off.

I see you dancing in the stars

Turn it off, table talk!

Walk among a row of pews

Pick up a paper, read the news

It's all getting old

Date's past expired

Fridge is full of shit

There's nothing to admire


Get out of my face

Of my dreams

Of my life

Give advice to my place

Empty seat

Dirty knife

In this place that remains

Out of place and it's here

That what had once happened there

Is no more, has no care

But wherever you roam,

just think twice,

you should know

That here is not there but that's where

I will go

To bury you

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