Licking Up An Excuse

sweet november

She taught me how to take a life without flinching

She broke into my mind and rearranged the parts

That go to my heart

So now I don't care

Sitting at the dinner table with a blank stare

Feet together my hands are on my lap

And I am waiting patiently to ask

"Can I be excused?"

My food has gone cold.

My thoughts are unknown.

My hands are made of stone.

And my body's gone numb.

There's a ticket taker

I'm waiting in a line

One more ride and then it's time to say goodbye

Hold on tight

Something isn't right

Cut a safety cable counting down my time

She stole my soul and she sold it for a fortune

She bottled and capped it even made the label

Now everyone has got the better part of me

I'm dry heaving now cause this pain has got to be

One of the worst feelings, fishes in the sea

Quit with the logic, this pain has got to be

I didn't know a feeling could make you lose your mind

One day you're spinning then the next day you resign

Knowing that never you'll ever get it back

A few more days and then you'll see she's gotten at

Where you hate to see her be

Shadows haunting like the trees

I can't finish this because I'm being distracted

By a piece of shit.

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