Denim Jeans

sweet november

I'm frustrated

Something new

Involving life

And thoughts of you

You've never known a distant feeling

You've probably never been cold

You don't know frustration

You don't do what you're told

You've been molded into

A clean model of perfection

You've been set in stone

And you're brains been stolen

My heart

My eyes

My lungs

My feet

My hands

My hair

My nose

My teeth

They all know what

You could never imagine

They all know things

You never knew happened

I'm ripped

From a magazine

You're inked

In a novel

I'm folded

into squares

You're a ship

In a bottle

I've been there

I've felt that

You've seen it

You've heard it

I hold up

What you break down

I make it happen

While you're running around

You don't care about what I write

You don't care about what I feel

You know what mom and dad told you

You don't know what is real

And you don't care

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