Beautiful Midday Darkness

sweet november

Beautiful midday darkness

My city; an envelope closing,

Licked, sealed shut.

Midday darkness

Riot weather

Screeches, the rain,

That tinny sound.

The low grumble

Of those emotionally moved

By the quickening pace of the clouds

And the wind they bring.

Gray skies

Cold feet

The mental effect on an outsider

The joy expressed by the night-timer

Two feelings conflicting

In the air.

A funnel cloud

The tension felt.

The empty stomach

Full from boredom,

And beautiful midday darkness.

Then when you leave to feel it firsthand

You see the leaves,

And taste the air,

You hear the rain,

And smell the sweat

Of a thousand people

Just like you who feel the same the same the same.

And it's beautiful midday darkness

That creates this beautiful pain.

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