denying december

Archangels surrounded the bleeding boy

They capsized him

They brought him to his knees

With a spear poking unto his bosom

He shouted out "Never! You guys have a serious problem."

To heaven they took he

For ultimate judgement

He lied but he loved it

He screamed to let him be

Strawberry colored hair

Orange eyes and pale skin

This boy judged a menace

And that evil rests within

Was given a sentence of life and eternity

Away from his home

And everything for his sin

It was murder

Relentless, without a second thought

Imagine a smile on his face

No denial

He made sure that the trial took a day

Every second he could get he thought about the thing he did

He laughed as they flew him away

He sighed as they kept him at bay

For all the boredom would drive him insane

He took out the whole human race

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