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denying december

Most things you will understand when you get there.
Time rips you off,
The savage bitch.
We are gathered here today to celebrate your departure from this world
And your entry into the next.
Beside the bowl of fruit punch we have provided fudge and walnut brownies, various Pastries,
And a fine assortment of after dinner mints,
Please help yourself.
A few words
To be spoken
About who you were
Will be sacrificed today, for the sake of time.
You'll awake from your dream with a sudden jolt
And head directly into your bathroom
To share the story with a familiar face
Your only real friend
Stares back at you in the mirror
Replying with a look of casual disbelief.
You tell him to 'fuck off,'
Flip the lights off on him,
Close the door,
Lock him in.
He's patronizing you through the cracks in the door.
You tell him to 'get bent,'
Kick the door,
He laughs,
You leave,
And burn your house down
Murdering the son of a bitch.

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