Nine shitty poems.

If you have to go through

so much trouble to

fabricate a story

Make a lie up, then do

It must be second nature

To switch friends like

TV channels

You're an infomercial

Fuck off

A girl I impregnated

Phoned me up drunk once

Told me how horrible I was

Told me I deserved less

Than what I had

I believed her

She's the one who paid for the abortion

My roommate left for a week

We raided her bedroom drunk

Ate all her food

And we opened her secret trunk

Found some old photos, a dildo, a note or two

Set it all on fire and we left it outside a few

Just seven days later she came back and noticed her

Food was all gone and her trunk. I remembered


Destroying her things

We united

In spite of her loss

We unwinded

Became friends

She cried for that night and a few others


We fled the scene

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