Dead Tired

frivolous february

The faith we live

The god we love

Everything rests within humanity

Matter of fact it's that exactly

what I learned tonight

Frozen, stranded, bound for nowhere

I asked, I pleaded, I bowed my head

I yearned for compassion

To be home, in my bed

It's absurd to be dropped,

To be left, on the road

For the sake of a pay,

For a fee I couldn't owe.

But I hoped and I prayed,

Not to a god who would save,

But to the goodness of man

Who by itself paves the way.

Not thought a cheat I showed my true self,

A poor lonely figure

The sad boy with no help.

One who ran, told the world,

Showed his hope, kept it clean

Was a child inside

One who ripped at the seam.

I gave up

At the time

When one who is wrong really should

But then a voice gave me courage

Gave me strength

A slight push

I pursued

And it worked

But the voice wasn't God

Was a man, like myself

One who wanted to help

And he did

It was good

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