To Live

frivolous february

Tripling the idea of a better life

These hungry soldiers bite down at their last

Hopeful wish of being somewhere else.

Being someone else as an escape from prison

The desperation is the benign solution to their

Endless equation.

Being a temper tantrum

Would you calm down any?

Or would you spout off a bit of remorse

For your one and only reason?

Doubling their chances for survival

These desperate soldiers pull the pin of their last

Grenade, they throw into the fray

Trying something new, something discovered

Something recovered from the smoldering piles

They are devoured.

Being a last bit of hope

Would you stand still?

Or would you run a play by play

For your one and only reason?

Singling out the only reasonable result

These fragile soldiers pick up their last

Bit of strength to carry on

Becoming free and knowing things

And following, hoping, and wishing for dreams

Their only means to live

Being the only thing you've ever wanted

Would you close yourself up tight?

Or would you yell and laugh and sing

For your one and only reason?

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