Horrorshow Politics

And on that day when I finally escape my captures

I will walk on the straight line of righteousness

And Glory.

For I will then be saved

A Hallmark card

A scene, a saying

It's clever, it's cute

For the event

It's absolutely fitting

My escape could entail one of these

costly cards

With a description that's perfect

It's vision


Or an elderly Asian man could share with me

The true meanings of a thousand proverbs

While we sit on zabuton

And enjoy a yunomi filled with some serious sencha

Mixed with honey

And a spoon full of sugar

As an escapee

I can go anywhere

I can do anything

Without fear of being caught again

I'll be on my own

Free to stand above the influence

Allowed to take control

Of myself

Being borderline insane

Is rightfully considered sane

In this day and age

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